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Nostra Font Free Download

Nostra Font is a display font that was created by Arne Freytag. It is based on the typeface used in the early days of the printing press and has been carefully crafted to replicate the style of that era.

This Font gets its name from the Latin word for “Our” and was created with the intention of being a font that could be used by everyone. The letters are well-monospacing, and the spacing between them is just right.

This Font comes in two weights, Regular and Bold. Both weights have a full character set, which includes all the accented characters used in European languages. This makes it perfect for use in multilingual documents.


Nostra Font is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance to their documents or websites. This font is also easily utilized in programming languages like CSS and java. The font is easy to read and has a stylish appearance that will make your text stand out from the crowd.

This font contains the complete character set for all languages, making it perfect for use in all types of international documents. You can also make amazing graphic layouts with the help of lakers Font a display family typeface that has a pairing nature, that can fit with this fabulous typeface easily.

You can also utilize it in your adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. And also in your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Furthermore, you can use it on your Mac and PC.

Nostra Font View

Nostra Font View

Font Information

NameNostra Font
DesignerArne Freytag
LicenseFree for personal use

Download Nostra Font

You can download this free version by clicking on the brown download button below. The font has a TTF feature and is ready to use.

License Information

This special and outstanding font is free for personal projects while you can purchase the license for commercial purposes and other business works.

Alternatives of Nostra Font

  • Guapos Font
  • DKAbelia Font
  • FinalDays Font
  • Felipa Font
  • Bobito Font
  • Indagate Font
  • dearJoe II Font

Language Support

Wayuu, Papiamento, Aromanian, Corsican, Breton, Amis, Māori, Tok Pisin, Tongan, Alsatian, Atayal, Kiribati, Seychellois Creole, Võro, Tahitian, Scottish Gaelic, Chamorro, Sicilian, Sotho (Southern), Kirundi, Tswana, Sotho (Northern), Walloon, Asturian, Kaqchikel, Ossetian (Latin), Zapotec, Frisian, Crimean Tatar (Latin), Sango, Luxembourgish, Samoan, Maltese, Aromanian, Corsican, Breton, Amis, Māori, Tok Pisin, Tongan, Alsatian, Atayal, Kiribati, Seychellois Creole.


Why is Nostra font so popular?

Nostra Font is a popular choice for designers because it is a well-crafted font that replicates the style of the early days of printing. The font is easy to read and has a stylish appearance, making it perfect for use in documents and websites.

Can I use Nostra Font for my personal project?

Yes, you can use this font for your personal projects. However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase a license.

Why is Nostra not on Google Docs?

This Font is not currently available on Google Docs. However, you can download and install the font on your computer, and then use it in Google Docs by selecting the “Custom” font option.

What is the cloned version of Nostra Font called?

The cloned version of Nostra Font is called “serifa font”. It is a free font that you can download from this website.

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