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Nissan Font Free Download

Today, we introduce a new font that was famous the name of Nissan Font. It was created by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan in cooperation with OPTIFONT. It belongs to the Sans-Serif typeface.

This new typeface is based on Futura but has been tailored to meet the specific needs of the brand, including a slightly wider letter spacing and distinctive curves. It is best for CSS and SVG.

It has almost 105 popular and strong characters like numerals, icons, and others. Besides that, This Font has some OpenType features to support Central and Eastern European languages. The font is free to download for personal use and is available in both TrueType and OpenType formats.

It was used for the logo of famous brands. It is popular for its copy and paste function in the industry. Sesame Street Font is closest to this amazing font.

It also includes more than 247 unique and attractive Glyphs and icons. The Latin typeface has a modern and sleek design that is perfect for headlines, posters, and other branding materials. Its generator tool allows you to create many classic designs quickly.


This awesome typeface is best for use in logos of different popular brands. A great number of designers used it for various tasks such as headlines, posters, walls murals, ebook covers, and other branding materials.

It has a modern and sleek design that is perfect for any type of project. At all international levels, companies used this typeface for many functions like web designing, product designing, banner making, clothes printing, and even in the field of automobile designing. You can also utilize its similar FF Mark Font.

For the best response from your visitors used this typeface, it is different from others because of its attractiveness and uniqueness. You can use it very easily in all of your work. It is useful for social media posts.

Nissan Font View

Nissan Font

Font Information

NameNissan Font
StyleSans Serif
LicenseFree for personal use

Download Nissan Font

This cozy typeface is best for different works, if you wish to use it for your plans such as commercials or personal tasks then need to download it from the given button.

License Information

This cozy typeface is free for private works, if you wish to use it for other plans such as commercials then need to buy its license from the owner.

Alternatives of Nissan Font

  • Maximus Bold Font
  • UTM Nokia Font
  • Eurostar Black Font
  • Pt Sans Font
  • Automata Font
  • MicroFLF-Bold Font

Language Support

Icelandic, Iloko (Ilokano), Indonesian, Interglossa (Glosa), Interlingua, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Jèrriais, Lojban, Lombard, Luxembourgian, Malagasy, Manx, Mohawk, Samoan, Sardinian (Sardu), Scots (Gaelic), Seychellois Creole (Seselwa), Shona, Sicilian, Somali, Southern Ndebele, Southern Sotho (Sesotho), Spanish, Swahili, Swati/Swazi, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino/Pilipino), Galician, Genoese, German, Gilbertese (Kiribati).


What is the type of Nissan Font?

It is a Sans-Serif typeface, which has a modern and sleek design. It is mostly used for logos.

Is Nissan Font is a web-safe font?

Yes, it is a web-safe font. This Font is important for web design because it set the tone and style for a website.

How to download and install Nissan Font?

You can download the font by clicking on the button below. After that, you need to install it on your PC.

What is the generator tool of Nissan Font?

Its generator tool is a free online tool that enables you to create your own custom version. You can create many designs with this tool.

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