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Sosa Font Free Download

Today, we are consulting a new typeface that goes by the name Sosa Font. It was designed and published by Ed Merritt. This font family belongs to the Dingbats category. It has neat and clean textures. It has keen and…

Ravie Font Free Download

Here, we are going to introduce a very popular font that goes by the name Ravie Font. It belongs to the Dingbats Category. This amazing font family was developed by Ken O’Brien and was first released on 30th October 1994….

Zapf Dingbats Font Free download

Zapf Dingbats Font is one of the lesser-known fonts that was designed by Hermann Zapf. This typeface belongs to the Dingbat typeface. It has a unique look and feel, which can make it a great choice for certain types of…

Haymaker Font Free Download

Haymaker Font is known for its text generator function. This typeface is also known as the pixel lab typeface. To start with, blending beauty and clarity makes this font’s design is superb for books, magazines, and net pages. The font…

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